Propel Orthodontics


“Propel Fast Tracks orthodontic treatment.”

PROPEL is the latest orthodontic technology that we use in our orthodontic treatments. It works with your own biology to help speed up tooth movements. When we incorporate PROPEL into treatment we are able to get better orthodontic finishes and it also allows treatment to get finished up faster.

– Treatment takes just a few minutes and is done in the beginning or middle of your treatment is at during one of your regular visits. The doctor decides when Propel is needed for each patient.

– The doctor creates very tiny micro-perforations around targeted teeth. Typically we are focused on the teeth that have the most challenging movements in your case. These teeth tend to determine the length of time your case will take.

-There is no healing or down time. Most patients don’t feel anything after numbness where’s off. At the most you may feel some slight sensitivity for about 24 hours. Tylenol if needed.It makes challenging movements, less challenging so we can provide a better orthodontic result. Orthodontic Treatment is often complete in about half the time.